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Age is an odd motherfucker. I wonder if it is natural to start pondering your own mortality in your mid 20s.


In my last post I referenced old Doctor Who episodes - and although the show is cheesy as fuck, I've been catching up with some of the newer [2005+] ones, but the same grand buzzkilling motif still applies: everything grows old and everything dies. Also recently I've caught up with that awesome "Through the Wormhole" series narrated by "God" Morgan Freeman and really enjoyed a few of the episodes dealing with that biggest question. Also on a lesser note, I'm glad the trend is swinging back towards presenter oriented science shows - I couldn't give a squid-ink-wine-shit less about a nameless bland narrator and a bunch of campy CGI.

I know a lot of older friends/family will laugh at me for this - but turning 25 before the end of the year seems like a milestone I wish I could put off. Other than the random "employment opportunity" I see reserved for those 25+ or the fact that car insurance supposedly goes down after that age, there is absolutely nothing to look forward to after 21. I'm not saying there isn't an endless amount to look forward to in life, just that at this point I'd rather throw out any meaning of time and just exist. I only have two or so years of college under my belt - embarrassing. I have a decent resume, but the economy is fucked the fuck up. This evening, my grandmother - while swilling a glass of red wine and after gloating about her clean bill of health (at least my genetic outlook seems pretty good!) talked about how in the old days around here there was an extensive "barter club" and enough people honored it that her close friends were able to buy a decent house in Jericho, NY solely on the barter system. I would be so stoked if something like that became popular again - but as we all know, communities are a hollow shell of what they used to be (at least around here), and everyone is isolated and obsessed with themselves. I completely back the ideological foundation of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, but hearing that made me envy our grandparent's generation. Instead of what our hippie parents did, or what we're doing - they just took shit into their own hands and made a true local economy. Seems like the quickest damn way to simple self-fulfillment - the system now seems designed to just deadlock people in debt and misery. Oh, and stupidity. Fucking stupidity.

I don't know. I hope you enjoyed my ramble. Why not???
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