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I can't help but keep thinking about this moment, sitting on a boardwalk bench next to the beach just enjoying that salty early June sea breeze. A day of mixed sun and showers, the clouds twirled around with rays of that odd sunshine gleaming through dark cotton-like puffs. I couldn't help but think as I see this now, nobody will ever see it again. A sky like it on a day like it, yes - but this exact moment and this simple "just stop, shut up, and look at it" beauty is destroyed in the relentless march of time. Forever.

The air traffic cutting through the sky is dense and loud, just the way I like it. We've all come of age in or after the era of overdriven amps, muscle cars, jet engines, punk rock, Pink Floyd, interstate highways, microwaves, and television. The heavy, droned out hum of ton-upon-ton of beautifully crafted heavy iron being suspended in the sky almost if by magic is calming. Like thunder is calming. People and parcels going from here to... who knows where? I like to spot the liveries the aircraft are wearing, daydreaming of the places they're taking those hundreds of people to. I just sit here on this bench, probably indistinguishable to those people beginning their journey across the vast ocean.

I love the feeling of being tiny, being unseen. It reminds me how much more I have to do with my what... maybe 80-100 years total on this rock? I think I've a certain affinity for trains and aircraft because they bring people to you, and take them away. It's not as simple as a car - a car you can turn around. You can stop. Air travel is the oddest mindfuck. Airports are like moon bases. Self contained prototypical "arcologies" where so long as you have the cash to get shit like booze and junk food at horrible prices, you can get anything. You can get lodging. You can rent a car. You can get a train or bus outside of the self-contained safe zone to perhaps actually enter the city which lies beyond it's borders.

I love taking the "back way" home out of JFK through the cargo area not only because it is technically more direct or because I get cut off left and right by vehicles sporting foreboding "US GOVERNMENT" plates - but it is cool to see the huge amount of background stuff going on at that place. You know just outside the "cargo customs" zones is an enclave of 24 hour "adult video stores" and the sleaziest hotels you can shake $20 for oral favors at... or did they turn that into a homeless shelter due to the recessions? I forget. Anyway, time to the end this rambling and occupy myself with playing with the cats or something.
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