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Do you think certain "interest groups" have people who comment on popular sites/blogs with complete rubbish in order to covertly try and sway people's actions?

I'm speaking mostly about computing/tech blogs, which sadly I read very often. Just recently on Lifehacker, there was a post about "Backify Gives 512GB of Unencrypted Online Backup Storage for Free" and some clown comments "You'd also probably get in trouble with your service provider if you're regularly filling and refilling a 512GB online backup." Source. What the fuck is this comment useful for? I pay monthly for my broadband service, and nowhere in fuck's world is there anything that says I need to limit my bandwidth usage. I don't live in a fucking college dorm, what the hell is that guy getting at?

There was another post in early September about Seagate's new 4TB external hard drive - a damn swell idea if you ask me. I have a Seagate 500GB and Western Digital 1.5TB external - both bought 1-2 years ago, and I'm already having to delete old shit for room for new shit. I love just having a vast amount of data storage space, and not having to think about whether or not I need to clear out old music projects in order to get a direct download of a game/etc - and some asshole comments,

"You either have to have a legit digital based business (video editor) or you have things you wouldn't want other people to see. It could be your "collection", or torrented files, or ripped blue rays. Even if you did have something to hide, why put all those rotten eggs in one basket. I'd rather have four 1TB drives in RAID keeping things safe than get a single 4TB drive. Who has or needs that much stuff?" Source.

What the bloody hell? Either this guy does indeed have four terabyte drives in RAID and is both tweaked out of his mind and nervous, or perhaps he's some hired troll. I hate how people on the intArNuT feel the need to inject their own subjective (and frankly retarded) morals into every god damn thing. Video editor? Apparently this guy hasn't had the chance to extensively fuck around with sound recording software - that shit just eats up space if you're fooling around. I don't care if it is technically "right/legal" or not to rip a Blu-Ray (haha, dumbass called it "Blue Ray") if I'm paying money for digital media on a fragile disc medium, I'm going to rip whatever the bloody fuck I want to.


"Oh hey, I wanted to covert those old PBS reruns of Doctor Who I recorded on VHS when I was ten into a more convenient, digital medium. Oh by the way, did I mention I want to throw you up against a wall and preform an action that will result in you counting your missing front teeth off my soiled linoleum floor?"

I haven't ranted here in a while. Feels good.
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