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413 - My biggest pet peeve on the internet.

Seriously, this is something that should have have ceased years ago, nearly a decade ago... like complaining about how black people say "axe", and using the terms "meh" or "poseur."

aaand what is it that I am referring to that sends a hot burn up my spine and makes me want to go out and kick the nearest infant in front of oncoming traffic?


Why do I still come across this? I realize the internet is the virtual sewage plant of humanity, but why does this particular travesty have to go on? It's like a throbbing mosquito bite in the brain. You'll be perusing some crap, maybe some user-submitted game reviews or craigslist ads for homewares, and you will come across this strange anomaly of a fairly cohesively written paragraph with "ur" fucking everything up, like the writer had some crackhead glitch and shat themselves during the split-second they made the poor decision to write that.

"Thanks for looking at my microwave. Please make sure ur subject in the e-mail refers to it so I know what it is."


YO-UR. IS THAT SO FUCKING HARD? You typed out everything else, yet you caused my entire nervous system to go through a painful spasm with that bullshit. Thank loving fuck, I find "internet shorthand" has far and by large become a bad memory, probably on par with being molested as a child or seeing your favorite pet get run over while he fetched that frisbee back to you. However that little tidbit of written nausea still surfaces from the bowels of hell now and then. Like coming across your dead pet's severed paw in the street, or your creepy uncle giving you that tell-tale gold tooth smile as he slowly drives by in his rusty van. End it now. Please, end it fucking now.
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