Ross (strangeraeons) wrote,


Forecast for the rest of this afternoon and evening is...

Delicious Magic Hat "Blind Faith" IPA, some Dark Abbey Ale, a big bottle of sad bitch SoCo, vodka, and a few 40s for backup.

Oh, it's also in the mid 70s outside. Thank fuck. I am actually sit here and blast music with my door open and feel COMFORTABLE doing it! Today shall be a nice, quiet afternoon of drunken solitude. <3
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Deleted comment

Ahhh, miss ya, man! That evening actually extended into today, and I've been playing Dragon Age for a while, then went to help my upstairs neighbor with his computer for the past few hours.

Oh, and lots of "ambient" music. Hmm.

Bio ware rules above all others.
YES. Although the DAO ending left me with a total cliffhanger.

Have you played Starcraft 2 yet?