Ross (strangeraeons) wrote,

398... so we're in the future now?

It's strange to think that the decade which has defined pretty much everyone I know is now over, and I don't know exactly how I can look back on it. I was thirteen years old when 2000 rolled around, still a child in most ways and wondering if planes would fall out of the sky and my shitty little hand-me-down desktop computer would crash, and if I would lose all those mp3s I wasted so much time and tying up the phone line getting. As far as the world went, Bill Clinton was still the president, 9/11 had not happened yet, there was no recession, things just were... and the world didn't seem like some fucked up house of cards yet.

There was high school for me, then there were a couple years of college and then not having the money to continue classes right away, so now I'm about three years behind where I should be. I remember my friend Erin yelling, "Yay! No more beating treated like cattle!" on that final day in that warm summer of 2005 when we finally graduated from high school. Everything seemed fucking perfect then, and I mean fucking perfect. Even at eight teen years old, I was still in most ways a child.

Most of the past decade was a lot of fun, and you know... why not only remember the best things? The nights spent hanging out, laughing our asses off, all the silly inside jokes made, all the shows we went to, all the drunken mishaps, and semi-innocent pranks.

I wish I had more to say, but I think that about covers it. I don't make new year's resolutions, but if I had to have one... it would be to punch my anxiety square in the side of it's face and start having fun again, I can't believe it's 2010 and I'm 23 and fucking... ugh, I feel old. Life is short, it's time to start making more of it.
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